About Us


Welcome to 2onthewing – a monthly WebZine written with you in mind.


1-DSC_0028aReleased into the wild after 30+ years in corporate captivity has turned photographer Robert Muir and writer Carol West into airline terminal junkies. Having been widely published in quality media throughout Australia and Asia over the past 15 years, 2onthewing will deliver well-researched, honest content and evocative photography straight to you.

Whether we’re seeking cultural experiences, sleuthing authentic cuisine, following indulgent itineraries at soulful spa resorts or trekking through urban and real jungles, we’re inviting you to break free and come along for the ride.



Some issues will cover a myriad of places, others will immerse you in a single region. So don’t hold back. Whether you’re planning, embarking on or simply dreaming of your next escape, you’re just a click away……