• September 6, 2014 • Food, On the Menu, Portugal • Views: 7122

    Oh My Cod!

    As Lisbon’s fishermen haul in their daily catch courtesy of the Atlantic’s cold currents, the aroma of salted cod and sardines is never far away, a celebration of its  seafaring heritage and seafood predeliction.  Wandering along the...

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  • September 6, 2014 • Destinations, Portugal • Views: 2350

    Ola! A Guide to Lisbon

    The number 28 tram skittles through Lisbon’s colourful streets skating perilously close to homes and shops. Screeching around a tight corner it halts abruptly alongside scarlet walls festooned with laundry. As I cross to a small piazza...

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  • September 6, 2014 • Checking In, Hotels & Resort Reports, Portugal • Views: 7091

    Lisbon’s Grand Design

    First, take a grand, late 18th century townhouse on Lisbon’s tree-lined version of Paris’s Champs Elysees and commission hot Portuguese designer Miguel Cancio Martins to play with it. Martins’ design chops include creating hip...

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