Bowled Over in Eco-Chic Spa

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Small, feather-light fingers glide delicately across my face as Aranya applies a facial that’s not only good enough to eat but organically grown to boot.

Evason, Six Senses Spa, Hua Hin, Vietnam

Evason, Six Senses Spa, Hua Hin, Thailand

A freshly made honey, lime and yoghurt cleanser is followed by a black sesame and honey scrub. Sesame oil is massaged smoothly across decolletage and face before I’m marinated in a Thai white clay, tumeric and fresh milk masque finished off by a cucumber toner.  Yumm – what’s for dessert?

Evason, Six Senses Spa, Hua Hin, Vietnam

Evason, Six Senses Spa, Hua Hin, Thailand

Don’t Panic, It’s Organic

On face value, this could be just another spa treatment but book into any of the 27 Six Senses Spas across 18 countries and you’ll discover that this is more than skin deep. I’m at Evason Hua Hin  – a resort that follows the Six Senses philosophy of responsibility to sustainability.  Organics matter here  and all spa ingredients, grown to perma-culture principals, are freshly picked and produced daily. By simply existing, spas cannot avoid making an impact on the environment. However, the choices they make from growing their own organic vegetables and fruit, working with suppliers who share their sustainability philosophy to taking both locally employed staff and international guests along with them happily enables eco-friendly and boutique luxury to co-exist.

Evason Resort, Hua Hin, Vietnam

Evason Resort, Hua Hin, Thailand

  If guests can tear themselves away from the spa and private wellness sessions that include yoga and Tai Chi, beyond the resort’s walls lie a range of eco-friendly activities including forest park walks, country bike rides and waterfalls to splash about in.

Evason, Six Senses Spa, Hua Hin, Vietnam

Evason, Six Senses Spa, Hua Hin, Thailand

Good Vibrations
Without annoying air conditioning and muzak, the only sounds in my ochre mud walled domed sanctuary are the light ruffling of the breeze, sweet bird song and an overwhelming silence.  All that is gently punctuated by a distant chime as Sake gently strikes the bronze Tibetan singing bowl with a wooden wand. The sound and corresponding energy intensifies as he makes his way along the perimeter of my body, balancing my senses with each step. As he strikes the bowl with a series of three taps I’m enveloped by waves of shimmering sound before it recedes taking its own sensory journey. 

Singing Bowl, Evason, Six Senses Spa, Hua Hin, Vietnam

Singing Bowl Ritual

According to Tibetan oral tradition, Singing Bowls date back 2,500 years and are made from a combination of up to seven metals, hand turned on a lathe before being hammered to the desired hardness and pitch. In Sake’s masterful hands, the sonorous sounds quickly sooth me into sleep therapy and, combined with a relaxation back massage, any thoughts quickly evaporate with the good vibrations.

High Frequency
I’ve been fortunate to have experienced spa treatments in beachfront salas on tropical islands and high rise city hotels, lying by the backwaters of Kerala and by Bali’s longest river. While all have revived and restored, the Singing Bowl Ritual has remained, indelibly imprinted in my mind.

Singing Bowel,Evason, Six Senses Spa, Hua Hin, Vietnam

Singing Bowel Ritual

It’s said that the sound frequencies created restore the flow of healthy energy when each cell and organ resonates in harmony with the whole being. Whatever the explanation, my personal wavelength felt that it had been fine-tuned to high definition and I can’t wait to be bowled over in this eco-chic spa again….

Six Senses have added the Singing Bowl Ritual to all spa treatments.

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