Can you keep a Secret?

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OK, then we’ll tell you.  The secret to having a relaxing holiday is to keep it simple, keep it local and keep it real.  Vietnam’s tourism industry may still be in its infancy but a local entrepreneurial family have created two unique properties that will enchant you.

Pilgrimage Village near Hue is on a busy road but you’d never know it.  Enter along the timber boardwalk and you step into a village, a chic rural escape of understated subtleness overlaid with spacious accommodation (including pool villas) a spa where guests are serenaded each evening by a bullfrog chorus and a fabulous 50m pool set in a valley originally dug by local farmers to irrigate their crops.  Service is attentive yet relaxed and after a peaceful night’s sleep, stress evaporates overnight.

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Looking for a design edge?  Then Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa just an hour from Pilgrimage Village is where those in the know go.  Boasting Vietnam’s first over-water bungalows, it’s an aquatic life with private pool villas hugging the hillside, a spectacular 36m pool on the edge of the silvery lagoon and bathrooms decorated in 10 shades of grey.  Sleekly simple, cleanly designed, in this parallel universe nature’s brilliance adds all the colour you need from softly hued sunrises to sizzling sunsets.

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Do you have a secret place you’d like to share?  We promise we won’t tell anyone…..

Pilgrimage Village boutique resort and spa, Hue

Vedana Lagoon resort and spa, Phu Loc district, Hue.

2onthewing travels with Asia Unbound who first discovered Pilgrimage Village 7 years ago.  “Both couples and young families love this spacious resort.  It’s close to Hue which suits our clients who look for both leisure and cultural activities in one package,” said Lincoln Harris of Asia Unbound.


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