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June 7, 2017 • Destinations, Europe, Italy • Views: 1539

Well , Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say, and it is a big city to explore in just three but you can give it good try . I don’t care what anyone says , some places have iconic attractions that just deserve your attention , even if inundated with crowds.
Having seen the Colosseum , the setting for the gladiators and the spectacle of Rome at its zenith, visiting during the day is one thing  but visiting at night is another. The Colosseum is lit for a period of time in the evening and is a magical sight, incredibly evocative of the history and grandeur of the Roman empire , not to mention Russell Crowe as Marcus Aurelius in the movie, Gladiator. Would you believe that the movie Ben Hur was being projected onto the arches of the building.
In the cool of the evening at the back of the Colosseum is the Palantine Hill , which is on on-going excavation , but presents to those who take the time to walk in , an experience of  strolling a Roman street and because the blanket of night encloses, you feel, literally, the essence of ancient Rome.
Walking on the broad smooth stones in the foot steps of legions of leather sandaled Roman centurions, lingering by ancient stone walls where senators would stealthily plot, you are standing in the mythical home of Romulus and Remus.

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