Endorsed Providers

It is our opinion that  Endorsed Providers meet  expectations for that product.

(Please refer to our Integrity Statement)


Integrity Statement


2onthewing has been traveling since 1999 in a journalistic and photographic capacity. Our  broad range of experiences encompass  international 5 star rated luxury to sleeping on the floor of a native longhouse.

Like all travelers 2onthewing uses different providers to  facilitate its journeys and at times, 2onthewing is supported by  particular services , accommodations, ground handlers and airlines. However, we are very careful to undertake an objective assessment of those services and travel products.

We only include in our articles those who we feel are of a standard  that equates with their claims. We believe, in fairness to all parties,  one has to take into account circumstances such as  location – remoteness- climate and language, which are part and parcel of the destination through to variables such as  cleanliness and  service levels when evaluating  whether an experience meets the claims.