How to Keep the Holiday Vibe Alive…

February 5, 2015 • On Location • Views: 2679

Vacation time is over and you’re back to work but holiday memories keep invading your space.  What to do?  Here’s a few suggestions if you want to keep that holiday vibe alive.

Free RangeRPM_1229a (63)

Take a beach walk, cycle by a river or stroll through a park and let your mind range freely.  Anywhere without glass and concrete has to be good for the soul.

Flights of Fancy

It can be done, even with limited spare time.  All that’s  needed is a free couple of days, budget-priced airline tickets and a desire to go somewhere different.  Away from peak season holiday crowds, sometimes 2 days away from home can feel like a week.DSC_0318DSC_2427

Refresh Yourself

I hear you.  Now you’re back in the swing, it’s difficult to get away with partner/family/commitments/yaddayaddayadda.  Five words:   get thee to a spa.  It may not be Thailand but a couple of hours’ pampering  in isolation could be just the tonic you need.BH- Flotation Pool people coc-046069

Start Planning

Set an action plan for your next holiday.  Planning to trek the high country?  Time to join a walking club.  Dreaming of swimming in the Mediterranean, painting in France, kayaking rapids or hang gliding?  Join a group and start up-skilling.  Make ‘Be Prepared’ your 2015 mantra.RPM_0219-1







Stress-busting Escapes

It’s Friday,  the bags are packed and you’re looking for an escape from the daily grind.  Keeping the drive to two hours max, book a surprise long weekend away, (remote cabin/vintage caravan/luxe lodgings, etc) set the GPS and head for the open road with your nearest and dearest.

Food for Thought

Remember the tapas in Spain, that little Parisian bistrot or the rooftop bar in NYC?  Food, the lingua franca of travellers, has become ubiquitous and while you can’t replicate the exact experience, there’s sure to be local versions ready to captivate your taste buds and unlock travel memories.DSC_0122

Close to HomeRobyn Lea - Melbourne 2010

Sometimes the road most familiar is the one least travelled.  Going away is always exciting but being a tourist in your own town (or even booking a walking tour) will unlock a city’s secrets that you never knew.  Give it a try, it’ll give you great ideas where to take visitors when they come to stay.

Let’s build this list by sharing your tips on how to keep the holiday vibe alive….






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